PACKAGE C : 3 Guyabano-Ashitaba (180 Capsules) 60 Capsules/Box

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PACKAGE C : 3 Guyabano-Ashitaba (180 Capsules) 60 Capsules/Box
PACKAGE C : 3 Guyabano-Ashitaba (180 Capsules) 60 Capsules/Box

MAY KILALA ka bang may sakit sa puso, high blood, pagkabara ng mga ugat dahil sa mataas na cholesterol, diabetes, sakit sa baga, TB, sakit sa kidney, hika, cancer, myoma, goiter, AT IBA PANG MALALANG SAKIT?




🌿 Benefits of ASHITABA
✔︎ longetivity
✔︎ rich source of phytochemicals
✔︎ great antiviral and antibacterial healing herb
✔︎ can be used both internally and externally to heal, restore and provide a long and healthy life
✔︎ rich in iron, calcium for strong bones, potassium and improves heart health
✔︎ provides fiber for production of Probiotics
✔︎ proteins to build strong muscles and chlorophyll for healing
✔︎ anti-tumor, anti-oxidant, and anti-diabetic
✔︎ anti-inflammatory effects
✔︎ high concentration of vitamin B12

🍈 Benefits of GUYABANO
✔︎ ability to protect against cancer
✔︎ reduce side-effects of chemotherapy
✔︎ effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells
✔︎ not only a threat to cancer cells, but also leaves healthy cells alone
✔︎ effective for prostate and pancreatic cancers
✔︎ alleviates pain stemming from arthritis, joint and back problems, and rheumatism
✔︎ prevents urinary tract infections
✔︎ migraine and headache relief
✔︎ may help with anemia
✔︎ prevents constipation
✔︎ bone health
✔︎ prevents leg cramps
✔︎ boosts energy levels


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